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Mental Health and Wellness Restortive Weekend Application

Mental Health & Wellness Restorative Weekend Application

Hi! Thank you for your interest in our Mental Health and Wellness (MH&W) Restorative Weekend, May 31, 2019 - June 3, 2019 (Friday Evening through Monday Morning). Caregivers on the Homefront will supply travel, hotel, activities and all meals.  Programming will start on Friday evening around 4:30pm and continue through Sunday evening (Approx. 9pm). Monday is considered a travel day. 


MH&W Restorative Weekend will be located in Kansas City, MO. 

We will have interactive workshops that focus on a variety of topics that surround the caregiver - self-care, identity, physical health, emotions, suicide, and resiliency.  Please understand while we hope you find a moment to yourself so you can reset- we will not have much down time nor will this be a getaway for the caregiver to isolate.  We want to provide you with tools so that when you return home you are better equipped to navigate this journey we are all on together. We also hope you find a solid foundation and a wonderful support group to ensure your resiliency. 


NOTE: Please complete this application in as much detail, as possible. This will be the only ability for you to be seen by the board. The selection process is based solely on your application details. 


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