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In November of 2017, Councilwoman Hall and Caregivers on the Homefront held a veteran and military caregiver focus group, and Councilwoman Hall is now hosting the second part of this important focus group and caregiver panel with you.  As the leaders of the Kansas City community and organizations and businesses within the community, we want to invite you to consider how you would be able to actively identify, uplift, and support the hidden heroes in our community. We also want to provide you with information and resources to take back to your colleagues regarding the Hidden Heroes City program and where help is most needed for caregivers in the Kansas City community.  We know this second focus group may lead to a continuing conversation and an additional meeting for follow up and we are excited about this possibility to truly develop Kansas City as a Hidden Heroes haven.

Along with Councilwoman Hall, the Dole Foundation and Caregivers on the Homefront, we would be honored by your attendance at the focus group on August 28th.  The information you provide will be invaluable to the development of programming and resources for caregivers in the Kansas City community.  We hope you will participate in making Kansas City a true haven for all of our “hidden heroes” in the same way many of you have supported our active military troops and veterans.

For information or if you have any questions please feel free to contact Shawn Moore at or call (816) 462-2022.


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